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More on Shutdown
By Thiravudh Khoman

Re: Problems experienced by Post Database readers in applying Wanda Sloan's shutdown tip (Post Database, 15/22-Mar-2000). I believe this is due to a mismatch in system files under Windows. (I have a similar problem not being able to do a restart via Windows' Start, Shut Down, Restart.) Fortunately, there are alternate programs which perform a similar function. The advantage of Wanda's method of course, is that everything is self-contained in Windows and it's free.

Previously, I had used a free utility by Kjetil Nygard called Shutdown v3.0 and it has served me well for years. Unfortunately, Kjetil's website isn't up any more and not too many places carry the program. PC Magazine's does, but it's not too easy to find it there either. Go to https://www.pcmag.com, click the Download link at the top of the page, do a search for "shutdown utility", and then look through the results for the text "Shutdown Utility v3.0". Click that link and it will take you to PC Magazine's review page. The program may be downloaded from there.

Or here's a shortcut (due to its length, it wouldn't print well in PDB).

Re: MORICONS.DLL. This file has been part of Windows since Windows v3.1. Its original use was to place DOS apps on the Windows desktop, thus the many DOS icons contained in the library file. The reason why I use it is because it contains a smiley face reminiscent of Kjetil's shutdown utility. This similarity made it easy for my kids, who were the main users of the shutdown utility (actually, me too since I'm lazy).

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