05 July 2000

Random Ramblings: The "Max" Magazines

You may have noticed in my writings that I refer to the "Maximum" magazines (i.e. "Maximum PC" and "Maximum Linux") fairly often. I like them because of their no-nonsense style of writing. Upon my arrival here in the U.S., I noticed a Mac magazine called "Mac Addict" which looked an awful lot like the "Max" mags. Indeed, it was published by the same publishers (Imagine Media). Interestingly, it's been out as long as Maximum PC (the July issue for both are vol.5, #7). Check out the "Max" websites at:
  • https://www.macaddict.com
  • https://www.maximumpc.com
  • https://www.maximumlinux.com
  • 04 July 2000

    Updates: NetZero

    Wobble has been in hibernation for quite a while now. I'd like to apologize for this, but the reason is/was that I was preparing for a one-year stint Oregon in the U.S., which is where I am now as I write this. Hopefully, I'll be coming into contact with things that I would miss in Thailand and will write about them.

    Meanwhile, I've added an update to my "NetZero: A Free ISP Article". More to come. Wobble has awoken.

    12 June 2000

    Article: A Person Journey Into Linux

    Finally, a new article ekes out - "A Personal Journey into Linux". This article will appear in an upcoming issue of Post Database, but as always, Wobble gets it first.

    23 May 2000

    Wobble: Nothing to Report

    No news is NOT good news, at least not here on Wobble. You may have noticed that I've been strangely silent of late. Alas, I've been preoccupied with certain family matters of late will take up much of my time for another 3-4 weeks. After that, I'll be able to get back to writing again.

    12 May 2000

    Updates: Avoid Real Email Addresses

    An update was added to my "Avoid Real Email Addresses" article. After reading the article in Post Database, Dr. Jeffrey Race emailed me saying that spam should be dealt with in a more proactive manner, and suggested a reading of a paper he's writing on steps that can/should be taken to combat/eradicate spam.

    11 May 2000

    Article: JBMail

    I've just posted a short piece called "JBMail: Bare Bones Email". JBMail allows you to perform certain tasks on your POP mail server without having to download messages to a POP mail client.

    03 May 2000

    Random Ramblings: Open Source Readings

    There was a letter from someone named "Brian" in Post Database's Helpdesk today about Open Source readings. Mentioned was Red Hat CEO Robert Young's "Under the Radar". Linux aficionados of course know that THE definitive article on this subject is Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", which is a contained in a book of the same name published by O'Reilly and Associates (https://www.ora.com). If you wish to save a few Baht, ALL of the articles in the book (and more) are available from Eric's website at https://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/. Have a look.

    30 April 2000

    Wobble: Pets and Peeves

    I've added a non-computer link to the purple column at left. This is a glimpse of my "dark side" speaking. Incidentally, I don't plan to "flag" additions to this on page 1 as with my computer stuff, so check it out when you feel like it (or don't check it out).

    28 April 2000

    Random Ramblings: Penguin Art

    As a Linux fan, I've always found Tux, the Linux penguin created by Larry Ewing (https://www.isc.tamu.edu/~lewing/linux/) to be a wonderful mascot. Meanwhile, Linux Weekly News has put together a neat little collection of penguin art. Check it out at https://www.lwn.net/Gallery/. In case you didn't notice, the logos are all links! Thailand's ThaiNet and the Thai Linux Working Group are both represented here (twice in the latter's case).

    26 April 2000

    Random Ramblings: Gnutella

    There was an interesting set of articles on Napster in today's Post Database. If you'd like to learn about something that goes BEYOND Napster, check out Gnutella (https://www.gnutella.wego.com). It's not as spiffy as Napster, but open source folks will find it right down their alley.

    An update was also added to my "Non-Printer Printer Drivers" article, re: a low-cost alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

    24 April 2000

    Updates: CD-Bundled Magazines

    A minor update was added to my "CD-Bundled Magazines" article, re: Maximum PC and Maximum Linux. Also, I'm soon going to prune down my glossary section and point everyone to Maximum PC's "Terminator" (https://www.maximumpc.com/terminator/) instead. Seems like I unintentionally/subconsiously "cloned" this. No need to re-invent the wheel.